Jim Orgill Photography

Air of Confidence

A Classic Portrait


New Red Purse and Dress

Eye Contact


Ballerina in an Arch

Lens Flare

A Goddess at Sunset

In Deep Thought

Very Intense

The Casual Look

Pageant Queen

What Have I Done

Strike a Pose

Ballet in the Garden

Dramatic Portrait

Wishing for the Best

Lady in Red

Say What

Ballet on the Warf

A Lady with Attitude

One Tough Lady

A Young Goddess

Ballerina in the Archway

Asian Beauty

Awesome Eyes

Black Blazer

Everyone Loves a Teddy Bear

Ballerina on the Rocks

Classic Pose

Long Blonde Hair

She Has Her Winter Coat Ready

Visualizing the Pose

A Beauty in Front of Graffiti

Wind in her Hair

The Ballerina Lookout

Asian Beauty

The Flower Girl

Ballet Before the Storm

A Beautiful Smile

A Beautiful Lady

It Was a Windy Day


A Classis Portrait

A Penetrating Stare

The Leap

Resting Between Shots

Looking Over the Glasses

Beauty and Blue Graffiti

Ballerina at Sunset

All You Need is a Coat

Red Graffita Blue Dress

Pointe Slipper or Boots

A Beautiful Actress

Graffiti Grunge and Beauty

Ballet on the Beach

A Flower Child

Ballerina at Sunset

Beautiful Redhead

Controlling the Garage Door

A Beauty and Graffiti

Bright Red Lips

Portrait of a Beautiful Lady

Watch the Hands

Big Hair

Resting Between Shots

A Winning Smile

New Hair Style

A Classic Pose

Penetrating Eyes

Gothic Lovers

Beauty in Black and White


Awesome Eyes

Jewellery Model

Red Roses


Ballet Outdoors


Orange is the New Blonde

To the One I Love

Orange Bikini

Graffiti and Beauty


Flower Child

Blonde in a Body Suit

Big Hair

Stopping Traffic

Plaid Shire and Lingerie

In the Shadows

Eye Contact

Portrait of a Beautiful Lady


Big Hair

More Cool Sunglasses

Awesome Blue Eyes

Just a Coat

Welcome to my Boudoir

The Mona Lisa Look

Cool Sunglasses

My Fair Lady