Jim Orgill Photography

Fauxfur Can Look Good

Brazilian Beauty


Its Still Cold Outside

Lady in the Red Coat

Great Smile

Eye Contact

New Short Hair Style

Hoping for the Best

Fighting the Wind

Blowing in the Wind

Beautiful Marta

By the Waterfall

A Gentle Breeze is Blowing

Eye Contact

Strength Knows No Cultural Boundaries

The Multicolour Coat

Pull that Hair Back

All Glamed Up

The Disappointed Look

Sport Knows No Cultural Boundaries

Quiet Please

A Gust of Wind


Watch Those Hands


Hats and Veils

Eye Contact

Resting Between Shots

Blowing in the Wind

Classic Look


Too Hot for a Jacket

Beautiful Lines


Eye Contact

Ballet on the Pier

Eye Contact

Beauty and Graffiti

Lady in the Red Dress


The Happy Look

A Beautiful Smile

Looking for Inspiration

Balance and Flexibility

Summer Memories

Hoping for the Best

Classic Portrait

Classic Beauty

Eye Contact

Eagle Tattoo

Lazy Days of Summer

Oh My Goodness

Strike the Pose

Another Little Black Dress

An Icy Stare

Wind in her Hair

Checking Her Hair

Air of Confidence

A Classic Portrait


New Red Purse and Dress

Eye Contact


Ballerina in an Arch

Lens Flare

A Goddess at Sunset

In Deep Thought

Very Intense

The Casual Look

Pageant Queen

What Have I Done

Strike a Pose

Ballet in the Garden

Dramatic Portrait

Wishing for the Best

Lady in Red

Say What

Ballet on the Warf

A Lady with Attitude

One Tough Lady

A Young Goddess

Ballerina in the Archway

Asian Beauty

Awesome Eyes

Black Blazer

Everyone Loves a Teddy Bear

Ballerina on the Rocks

Classic Pose

Long Blonde Hair

She Has Her Winter Coat Ready

Visualizing the Pose

A Beauty in Front of Graffiti

Wind in her Hair

The Ballerina Lookout

Asian Beauty

The Flower Girl

Ballet Before the Storm

A Beautiful Smile

A Beautiful Lady

It Was a Windy Day


A Classis Portrait

A Penetrating Stare

The Leap